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FILM, MUSIC, FOOD – 世界の映画、音楽、食

We are now open for submission for 2019 !

The nominated films will have a chance for online distribution throughout Japan via CINEMA PLUS, the domestic online distributor which has the shareholder of the major Japanese film studios such as TOEI, TOHO, SHOCHIKU. 
The Festival is super focused on Filmmakers Exposure and their VERY NEXT STEP. 

SHINJUKU WORLD FESTIVAL will be held in the central TOKYO.

The Festival screens Film, exhibit Live Music and Food stall from around the world, attracting audience and Art-Loving crowd in Tokyo.

The Festival focuses on “DISCOVERING CULTURE” through cinema, celebrating cultural diversities. LOVE, MUSIC, FOOD, LGBT, and ANIME are the prominent categories. 
We have also FICTION DRAMA category.

Story that tells about LOVE, or MUSIC, or FOOD etc.

We accept Fiction, Documentary and animation. Feature and Short. 

The founder of the Festival, Tokyo Cinema Union, a Japanese filmmakers Union which has contributed and supported Japanese Film Industry and filmmakers since its beginning in 2012. Tokyo Cinema Union always wanted the Film Festival that has a proper output for the filmmakers and now we are able to secure the online distribution for chosen films amongst the nominated films.

Having music and food from around the world will also attract many audience who reside around Tokyo Mega city. So the Festival is designed to bring in the crowd, not only celebrating amongst film industry people.

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